Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You Never Know....

Yesterday, I found myself sewing, on a real sewing machine, for the first time in my life (the 10 stitches I did aboard Mahina don't really count.)  I was having fun, really.  I have a list of projects and I am very excited to start creating new things.  For those who don't know me, I am not creative in.any.way.  If it's not written out in specific directions, I'm at a loss.  So, this sewing thing is great to loosen up the ol' right brain and give it new life.

I decided to take a break around 4pm and looked at my phone to find a USA Today breaking news text regarding the Boston Marathon bombing.  How surreal.  It takes you out of the moment of your world and you wonder how this could be real.  But it is.  Unfortunately, we live in a world along with people who have an evil bent and cause harm.  A person never knows when their paths will cross with that menace.

Our hearts and prayers are with the participants and their families and hope whoever has inflicted this damage and destruction on these people is brought to justice.

We try to live by the old life to the fullest, be grateful for every moment, for the people who fill your lives with laughter and smiles, and celebrate - you never know when you might not have that chance.
My favorite people looking out into the world.

Living life to the fullest - enjoying every day!

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