Saturday, March 30, 2013


We drove into Deltaville Tuesday afternoon, met with the yard to make sure they were ready for Terrapin's arrival and then as we drove out to grab some lunch - there she was! We turned around and followed Yacht Transporters back to the yard. We were so happy to see her safe and sound. Zimmerman Marine found the perfect spot for Terrapin while we "unpack" everything.

To see a video of her ride into town, click here:

Friday, March 29, 2013


Off and on for the better part of a month or more, we have been living on "the farm".  Baxter's parents live east of Atlanta in Madison, GA and it is now Kala's favorite place (well, maybe second to Kala Beach in Warderick Wells, Exumas).

We have been so grateful they let us stay here without really knowing when we are coming or going (since we don't really know ourselves.)

Thursday, March 21, 2013


After some "exciting moments" with various state truck permitting agencies, Terrapin should finally be on the road to Deltaville, Virginia this morning! It's not an adventure if you know the outcome and we have been having a fun adventure thus far.  Here is a video of the move and of course, pictures below.

Moving the Travel Lift over the trailer. It was a nice clear day but only 15F and windy which caused the boat to sway on the trailer before the supports were put in place.

Getting her centered on the trailer.
Boat loaded, now to add supports, tie-downs and the mast.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Waukegan Winter Weather

When we left Salt Lake, we decided we could stash all our winter gear in the bottom of the trailer...not necessary for years since we were headed to sunny, warm Florida.  After a chilly Atlanta, we thought, okay we can tough this out - we made it through seven winters in Utah, but the weather in Waukegan has us digging through boxes and strategically-packed gear for gloves, hats and heavy jackets.

Honestly, we knew it was still winter - but it's March...spring is on the way, right?  Waukegan didn't get the memo.  The windchill has not been above 30 since we've been here with an average of about 18 degrees.  Originally, we were supposed to be loading the boat today and heading to Deltaville, VA but there was another winter storm with another 2" of snow so it was postponed until tomorrow.  No big deal, but getting boat projects completed, like cleaning out a grungy bilge, while you can see your breath smoking in the frosty air of the cabin, is not as fun as you might imagine.  

All this cold, wet weather has made it difficult for me to think about sailing to Maine, Sweden or anywhere north of Florida.  Please remind me of this post when I'm complaining about it being too hot.

I couldn't make this stuff up.
Dirty, nasty bilge water
No more dirty, nasty bilge water
It filled two full jugs
This happened in less than an hour
Our deck is not that white...that's a fluffy snow cover

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Slowly But Surely

We've made a bit of progress as we work toward Tuesday's transport pick up...

Before the cleaning

After a good clean

Bow pulpit, dorades, life-lines, stantions removed and hard dodger off.  Just need to remove the CQR and the deck will be cleared.

Kala is not impressed with the snowy day and ice in the harbor.

Humus, falafels, baba ganoush, tabouleh and baklava at the only Mediterranean restaurant in Waukegan.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week in Waukegan

We left Atlanta Tuesday, expecting a 12-hour drive to Waukegan, but alas traffic, that annoying metropolitan nemesis, drew it out to 15 hours and we were exhausted, though overwhelmingly excited to see Terrapin the next day.

Since arriving, we have been moving forward at full speed completing the following list of projects:

1) Break up ice and snow on cover
2) Meet with yard owner and organize the shipping preparations
3) Remove winter cover from boat (re: Opening our own beautifully-wrapped present)
4) Purchase and stow new Monitor wind vane
5) Meet with Alan (previous owner) and discuss boat systems
6) Remove wood frame and pvc supports throughout deck
7) Label cabling in mast and prepare it to be removed.
8) Remove spreaders, stays and shrouds (standing rigging).
9) Remove running rigging.
10) Secure all rigging to mast with foam insulation and duct tape.
11) Remove hard dodger (hardest part was lowering it off the boat).
12) Remove dorades and replace with face plates

We still have three more days left in Waukegan with quite a bit left to do, including stowing and securing the contents in the cabin.  

Everyday the boat just gets better and better and we look forward to the day Terrapin is in the water.

Leaving Madison, Georgia with our current home and garage in tow.
Removing the storm cover to see the boat in the sunlight for the first time.
Pulling the mast.
Kala helps too! 
Removing all the standing and running rigging. Stowing it on the mast for transport.
Molly enjoying the balmy 32 degree weather.
Big boat, little Molly.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Terrapin: any of various aquatic turtles; var: Terrapin Station: The ninth album released by the Grateful Dead in July 1977. The last line of the song reads "...the compass always points to Terrapin"

After traveling across 15 states and driving over 4,000 miles, we found our Terrapin. We have sold our truck, our house in UT and have been living in our van or with family and friends. Beginning tomorrow, we move into the next phase of this adventure and head towards Waukegan, IL to prepare Terrapin for the transport to Deltaville, VA. It will be a lot of work but a great way for us to become familiar with her.

Baxter and I always try to focus on the current moment since no one can be certain of what the future holds, but we do have so many ideas of where we're headed and what we want to do which are really fun to think about!  Even working on boat projects will be great because it's like paying for your adventure ticket.  Whatever happens, we are excited and learn more everyday through the experiences. We have made new friends and can't wait to see what happens next.
Did you say you would like a tour of our home?  Here you go.  Any questions?
Oliver, Lindsay Claire, RJ, Todd, Isabelle and Sherri offered their apt as a place to stay in Denver.  
Molly's Mom, Katy & Sara on Boca Grande the first day we arrived in FL. 

Steve on Chandara with his bird repeller 
Getting our sea legs back aboard Chandara.
Seeing Sherri again in Sarasota was a bonus!
Bryson, NC (NOC) visiting Frank at the Lawson's cabin.
Thank you Walmart for a friendly campground for so many nights on the road.
Kala with her Granddaddy
Heading north to pickup Terrapin.