Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Making Progress

The last few days have been a turning point - we are starting to see a time where we will only use the van for transportation and we will all be on the boat together (Kala can't climb the ladder so she hasn't seen the deck yet).  Of course, we have to reflect on what we've accomplished.  

Over the last several days we have gotten the chartplotter installed and functioning, the AIS wired, the Monitor wind vane installed (but still needs a few tweaks), the swim ladder rebedded, "Terrapin" name added to the hull (BIG one!), solar ordered, replacement gauges ordered, the mast up, carpet cut and partially installed, radar pole installed... whew!

We should be in the water by Friday and then comes the generator and water maker repairs. This weekend we will be able to mount the paddle boards & surfboards, set up the sat phone, bend on the sails, tune the rigging and drink some beer!

Template for carpet. We bought scraps for $20 and created good protection for the sole.
Monitor is installed. We need to rebuild some of the pulleys but nothing too major. Radar pole is visible on the right.
Hottie with the newly installed Raymarine E7. 
Screenshot from the iPad for those of you asking where we are.
Nav Station now with Raymarine repeating to the iPad.
Some of the installed carpet. We need to do some cuts here and there but hopefully this will protect the sole.
It's official!

The crane in position to lift the mast.

Going up.


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