Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer in UT

While Terrapin awaits her new engine and fiberglass repairs, Baxter and I have avoided the 100+ degrees and 80% humidity of New Jersey by traveling west.

We are back in Salt Lake City, where we are working to make money to pay for Terrapin repairs and avoid dipping into the cruising kitty.  Once we leave the dock in New Jersey, we would like to travel for years and if we spend all of that money while we are on land, it will diminish the time we can spend on the ocean - no one wants that.

Being back in Utah, we have fallen back into our old habits - like hiking, paragliding, BASE jumping, seeing old friends - both those with two legs and of course, Kala's four-legged-besties.
The Sportsmobile takes good care of us while we travel across the country.
Someone likes to sit in the front seat.
Before we even arrived in Salt Lake City, we had a stop over in Park City for a little fun for a very sweet patient road-trippin' dog.
Hiking in the mountains.
Summer in full effect in UT.
How can you not smile while you hike along this trail?
If there's not a beach, a mountain lake with the backdrop of Quaking Aspens will do.
Paragliding mecca in SLC.
Feels good to get some air.
BASE jumping a nice cliff just west of Salt Lake.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Licensed to Sail

Baxter and I needed to find a good use of our time away from Terrapin and we found several inspirations pointing us in the direction of our US Coast Guard Captain's License.  We have the required time offshore under way (360 days) so it was a matter of ensuring we understood all the regulations and rules governing Inland and International waters.  The tests include 4 separate tests (individually graded) including deck general, navigation general, chart plotting and rules of the road (must have a 90% to pass.)

We gave it our best and succeeded!!  The icing on the cake is we passed the test on our 7 year wedding anniversary. Celebrations all-around!!

If someone had told us this is how we would be spending our anniversary in 2013 - it would have been so surreal to imagine how it would all come together. I don't want to even guess what's next - the best part of adventure is the element of the unknown.

This message brought to you by the Captains Gillespie and First Mate Kala G.

I am a flash card queen!!  Just in case you're interested, that first flash card is the light signal for a RAM (restricted in ability to maneuver boat).  Yeah, there was a point where I was seeing those lights in my dreams.

My favorite part - plotting.

CELEBRATION!!  Pineapple Willy's in PCB!  

Monday, July 8, 2013

Surfer Girl

When we go to the beach, it's not just Molly and Baxter hitting the surf.  The other Gillespie CANNOT wait to hang 20!  She straightens out any kooks trying to steal her wave and knows how to duck dive with the best of them.  The best part of surfing??  The daddy-doggy rub down afterwards.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

...As long as we have the time...

...we might as well try to get our USCG Captain's License.
Why not?
It's official - we are Florida residents.
When in Rome, um, I mean FL, go to the beach.  Even Kala has learned to surf!
Back in St Augustine (see Stella Blue posts from Nov 2011)
Tall ship, El Galeon, at St Augustine City Marina
Kala couldn't pass the physical for the Captain's license (no thumbs) so she spent the day playing at Mojo's Backyard in Tallahassee, FL.

She was cooked...after playing on the farm, surfing in St Augustine and meeting new friends at Mojo's, she needed some time to herself.