Wednesday, April 17, 2013

...Or maybe not

We launched Terrapin today. This is the first time she has been in the water since we have owned her.

This is after we found a leaky transducer. Not a major deal breaker, but an unavoidable delay and eventually the boat would back in the slings to repair.
First thing to check when launching
The leaker
After removing the transducer to reseal - that is a big hole (top center) for lots of water to come through if not sealed appropriately.
The transducer (in this case, depth)
Kind of like caulking your windows in a house - except think of it like if your windows aren't sealed the house implodes into the ground (or the boat sinks.)
Ooey gooey - I hold it while Baxter goos it up.
Finished product - we will sit in the slings overnight and let the 4200 (sealant) dry and repeat again tomorrow.  

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