Friday, April 19, 2013

Finally Floating!

We had a big day yesterday. We put Terrapin in the water, visited with sailing friends from our time in New Bern, went up the mast, fixed some stuff, broke some stuff and paid tribute to Neptune and the Four Winds when we "officially" changed the boats name to "Terrapin".

Here are some photos from the day...

32,000lbs going down...

Sitting pretty in the slip.
Masthead with Zimmerman's behind Baxter.

Paying tribute to Neptune and the Four Winds during the naming ceremony. This is a detailed, specific process that you have to follow to inform Neptune of the new name of the boat. Click for naming ceremony
A view from the top. Thanks top Chris and Gretchen for the haul-up. Replaced the topping lift and did maintenance while up enjoying the view.
Our part of Neptune's libations after the naming ceremony.  I'd forgotten how bad champagne makes me feel the next day.  
Look who took the first nap on the boat.  I think she likes her new home!

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