Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Busy Saturday.

Yesterday, we worked hard to get the boat ready for the water early this next week. We serviced the engine by replacing the impeller in the raw water pump, changed the engine oil, replaced the secondary fuel filter, filled the coolant and replaced the engine zincs. We also installed a zerk fitting on the Luke feathering prop and serviced it as well as bought new line for the anchor rode and spliced it to the chain. Molly completed her patterns for the binnacle cover and got ready to cut and sew tomorrow. Full day with only one trip to West Marine.

Here are a few photos from the day...

Molly completing the pattern. It was hard in the windy weather!

To access the impeller we had to remove the water pump from the bracket and belts and then route it into the  pan to work on it. This impeller is made by Blue Globe, is used by the USN and can run dry for up to 15 minutes just in case you forget to open your seacock.

Access to the engine is great but requires a little maneuvering to access everything.

Working on the three strand to chain splice.

Zerk fitting installed and fully lubed prop.

Nothing but class for us when it comes to boat yard living!

The reward for a hard day's work!

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