The Crew

Molly, Baxter & Kala... just looking for some adventure...

2016-2017 Sailing Season... what a blast!
Molly having fun flying the spinnaker
At anchor in Rendezvous Bay, Montserrat
Decompression Stop under Terrapin
If you have to travel on land...
Nice welcome in the Caribbean
Flying the Asym on a light wind day heading to Nova Scotia

Crossing crevasses on Mt Rainier
Sailing "Stella Blue", our first boat a great Tartan 37, into Nassau at sunrise.

Molly & Kala in the Exumas.
Skydiving over Sebastian, Florida at Christmas.
Hillary Step on Everest in Nepal.
BASE Jump in Malaysia
Wingsuiting over the Wasatch
Backcountry Skiing with Kala.
Sailing through the Bahamas
Molly on Cruising World cover in the South Pacific
On the lookout for coral heads in the South Pacific
Kala loves beaches everywhere!

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Anonymous said...

We miss you guys in Deltaville. Love the Blog. I see you are trying to leave on Wednesday, best of luck. Have a very safe adventure. See you in the Spring for a cup of coffee at the Café.

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