Thursday, April 11, 2013

Watermaker removal

When we bought Terrapin there was a vintage watermaker (circa 1988)  installed under the forward berth that had been disconnected and not used in quite some time. We had hopes of making it work as an added bonus - that way we could desalinate sea water and fill our fresh water tanks.  Well - the pictures tell the story.

Um...yeah, I don't think this is going to work again.  It does look beefy - wonder how we can get that out and use that space??!
Seriously?!?!!!  How would you get this out - where would you start?  It is in the bow of the boat (notice the anchor locker right in front of it)
"I'm gonna get you sucka - you dirty...."
Happy to have it gone, but too tired to celebrate.  
All gone and vacuumed up (love that shop vac!) 
Kind of fun to throw over the side from 15 ft up 


Stella Blue said...

Oh man. The last picture looks just like that scene in office space. I bet that felt gooooood:

Things are looking great!


Molly said...

That scene from Office Space is classic....we even had the gangsta music playing in the background. Funny thing is we set the huge frame next to the dumpster because it was too big to fit inside the dumpster. Within an hour, a small truck pulled up, picked up the frame, threw it in the bed and drove away. So I guess you could say we recycled it :)

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