Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rain Drops Keep Falling On Our Head

After a beautiful weekend at anchor, we woke up to heavy rain at the dock and of course, leaks in the boat.  We have become so good at rebedding (screwing objects into fiberglass, such as the hull or deck, with marine sealant) that it makes us less intimidated to find the leaks, so we were on the hunt.

Turns out the biggest leak was in our cabin and coming through the headliner (aka ceiling).  Even before coffee, we had the leaks identified and determined the stanchions that were bolted into the toe rail needed to be rebedded.  Since the forecast calls for rain until Thursday, we went ahead and resealed the bolts with 3M 4000 sealant, which should hold even though it was still wet outside.  Time will tell....

The culprit
Looking to port from inside the aft cabin with the headliner removed

The purple is the underside of the toe rail.  Those white spots are where screws need to be rebedded.
Looking forward from the back of the aft cabin (our bedroom)

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