Monday, April 22, 2013

Over the closet and to the cockpit... the back of the instrument panel we go.  Anyone who thinks living on a boat is about pina coladas and margaritas, should have come to visit today - we could have used six hands trying to get these wires in place. The issue is the wires run from the nav station (or near that) which is starboard side, midship, back to the cockpit on the port side, without being seen.  Since we didn't build the boat, we don't know where the "sneaky" little holes are and where the holes end up (over/behind/under another coaming or bulkhead.)  A little imagination in combination with ingenuity and the wires are now in place - until something stops working.  

Now - off to rewire the Frigaboat refrigerator (originally wired with 14 gauge and it should be 10 gauge) correctly...

The back of the electrical panel at the nav station

First stop - now...which one was it?

Back of one of the gauges in the aft cabin

Or is it in here?

In the engineer on duty
Hope it all works.
Of course it works...
Did you have any doubt?

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