Monday, April 15, 2013

Two Inspired Guys

If you are a sailor, you have heard, or read about Andy Schell and his wife Mia 59North. Andy is (professionally) a sailor and a journalist. Mia is (professionally) a photographer and sailing event manager. And they also manage the USA side of the World Cruising Club as well. Our friend, John Neal ( suggested we get in touch with Andy regarding our tentative plans to cross the Atlantic via the northern route this summer (Andy and Mia had taken that course when sailing to Sweden a couple years ago.)

 We did in fact get a hold of Andy and he gave us some great info and then invited us to be interviewed on his podcast, which he hosts along with his friend Ryan. Once a week Ryan and Andy publish new podcast interviews - each about an hour long - with people who have made careers pursuing their passions. They talk to sailors, writers, adventurers, restauranteurs, photographers, dog-sledders, journalists and anyone else living their life to the fullest.

Some of them you'll have heard of, others you won't recognize. But all of them have in common that desire to lead a fulfilling life. Subscribe to their podcast on iTunes - it's free! Baxter and I were driving from Waukegan when they spoke to us after just having a cold, hard, 10 days of boat work so forgive us if we sound tired! Click Here for the Podcast Interview!

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