Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tour de Anegada

We woke up to Terrapin facing backwards in the anchorage relative to the other boats.  While Skylark and Georgia were pointed into the wind, the 30 yards that separated us apparently had a back-eddy that turned Terrapin stern-to-wind (since the wind was light & variable, the current wins the deal.)  After ensuring our anchor was still set and hoping the current would change, we all went ashore to tour the island. 

We rented a car and drove the 11 miles around the island (reminding Baxter to drive on the left side of the road – which he was really good at doing) and visited Cow Wreck Beach, Loblolly Beach and Setting Point.  We snorkeled and had a fantastic lunch with veggie roti’s and Carib’s at Flash of Beauty on Loblolly Beach.   Definitely a great stop.  The snorkeling was so much fun with huge cavernous coral heads that had all sorts of creatures hiding below.  The current was hefty, so we'll just call that our workout for the day.

Our return trip included flamingo-sightings (they were about a ½ mile away) and of course a stop at the bakery.  I loaded up on banana bread, cinnamon rolls, brownies and coconut bread pudding.  We may be vegan but we’re not ridiculous.  All bets are off when it comes to sweets (usually…)

We were all ready for a siesta about 3 pm. 

We have strong E-ENE winds in the forecast the rest of the week so we're leaving Anegada and looking for a nice protected anchorage - probably in RoadTown, Tortola.  Being windy will give us time to start tackling our boat projects list and RoadTown will have all the resources we need to knock them out one-by-one (fingers crossed.)

Now how could you not love a city that welcomes you to their dinghy dock?  
The Motley Crue
Nature's Little Secrets

Not exactly a flamingo, but just as cute

Downtown Anegada

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