Friday, December 20, 2013

Back In The Groove

We have thoroughly enjoyed our mooring ball in Caneel Bay. Despite the wakes that occasionally roll through, we are so happy to be here vs. a nasty dock.

Yesterday, Baxter was able to run the entire port tank fuel line and I cut patterns for new cockpit pillows. A nice mellow day.

We might go check out a couple of other spots on the north side of the island and/or sail west to the Spanish Virgins for Christmas....or we might stay right here. 

We don't feel rushed or fussed….

That is my foot holding up our mattress while Baxter changes the fuel line connection (fuel tank is under our bed).

Old fuel line off (the brass line under the white line)

New fuel line connected

Around the generator and through the closet, to the Racor bowl we go.

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