Monday, December 30, 2013

Keri Joins The Crew

Baxter, Kala and I had a wonderful Christmas in Maho Bay and then headed over to St Thomas to pick up our friend Keri.  We were able to stop at American Yacht Harbor, go grocery shopping, fill our water tanks, and fully charge our batteries.

We met Keri at baggage claim and then took her to the dinghy.  It was the first time she had been picked up at an airport on a dinghy.  Shortly after, we saw our friends Sabrina and Tom on Honey Ryder and we all sat in Terrapin's cockpit for sundowners.  Baxter and I also conveniently arranged a good show for Keri by having the Queen Mary II leave the dock and slowly make her way about 100 yards from Terrapin out to sea.  Keri was thinking this vacation was a great idea - definitely a different world from her office in Atlanta!

Since the route from St Thomas to Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda was about 20 miles and would take most of the day, we opted to take Keri to one of our favorite spots - you guessed it - back to Maho Bay.  That would give us time to play (snorkel, paddle board, and hang out) as well as make progress back to the BVI.

From there, we sailed over to Spanish Town to check into the BVI.  We made a side trip to The Baths  along with a zillion of our closest friends.  Unfortunately, the crowds took away from the coolness of the geography and we're glad we did it but my patience needed a recharge.

As we sail around the BVI, we are doing our best to give Keri a taste of the cruiser life including ripping off a dorade off the front of the boat on a hard tack, toilets running over because we forgot to close a thru hull and we heeled over, as well as finding diesel in the bilge.  Ahh, gotta love the cruising life!  All of this, while Keri is at the helm learning to sail a wind angle with a light hand on the wheel.

We look forward to a fun NYE - wherever that may be!

Queen Mary II as she motored out to sea right next to Terrapin
"Capt Keri"
Views around here don't suck

Kala enjoying a little land life.

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