Sunday, December 8, 2013

Early Christmas - Winds

While it seems everyone we know is facing freezing cold temperatures in the US (except those in FL) or massive storms (west coast Sweden), we have seen the early arrival of what could be the Christmas Winds in the Caribbean.  We're not complaining, just painting the picture.  I will say that wind is much easier to swallow when it is sunny and 80 degrees and not raining all day, every day.  We can still get things done and we're not locked down below.  Our solar panels will be happy and full of energy and we can actually sit outside and enjoy the view.

We have been very productive since arriving back in Virgin Gorda.  Baxter has replaced the cracked Racor bowl and cleaned our contaminated port fuel tank, which means we can run our diesel generator again (as necessary).  I have a growing list of sewing projects that I am looking forward to working on including line bags, life raft cover (sun damage can destroy a life raft and you don't want to need it and find out that it doesn't work), windlass cover (previous one blew off), engine panel cover, etc…

My problem is there are so many fun things to do, I lose my focus on work and just want to play.  Case and point, yesterday we went for a hike to check out views atop the hills nearby and found what looks like a surf spot on the SE side of the North Sound.  The wind helped keep the bugs off and kept everything a little cooler.

Now for the gossip….The Bitter End Yacht Club (facilities onshore) is still closed due to the group who rented out the island last week.  I spoke with one of the guys working there yesterday and apparently he is ready for them to leave.  They rented out this entire island and they do nothing but sit on their huge chartered motor yacht all day.  He is bored and would like some guest interaction.  Who could this group be?  He said he thought it was a big tobacco company…more money than they can actually use.

Current Forecast - a bit breezy
The deep lazerette where the fueling control panel lives...

Here is an annotated photo of the broken generator fuel system. Yes, we know that none of the wiring is ABYC. That's on "the list" to get done!
One of the locals hiding out.
We had several miles of nice hiking to get to some awesome views.
Possible surf spot?
Here is our current neighborhood. Not too shabby!

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