Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fat Hogs

Sadly, our time on Anegada was drawing to a close and with that, we said goodbye to our friends on Skylark and Georgia and headed towards Tortola.  Kala thought Luna was following us so it wasn't until later that she decided she didn't like this plan so much.  

As we put the dinghy on deck (we try not to tow the dinghy just in case conditions get ugly) and pulled up the anchor, we saw nothing but black skies upwind.  We headed south as the rain caught up with us.  Our visibility was low with lots of wind and walls of rain, but nothing unmanageable.  We navigated between the Dogs (i.e. big rocks) and Scrub Island (i.e. big rock) and made our way to Road Town (the capitol of the BVI) to find =nothing=… anchorage room available and no moorings.  We radioed Nanny Cay to pick up a mooring there - nope - full.  We decided to retrace our steps north to Fat Hog Bay and pick up a mooring at Penn's Landing.

We have some boat projects that we have put off long enough and we need to find a good chandlery - specifically a Racor bowl for our generator (see passage blog for more details) among other things.

This is not your beachy, white sand, "live simply" town.  This is a "get work done" town.  We will stay as long as we need to and then move on to an anchorage that has good protection from the NE…perhaps JVD (Jost Van Dyke to all the non-locals "J" is silent).  

The mass exodus from Anegada heading south.

No, that is not overexposure, it's a wall of water behind Baxter

Between the rocks.

Nice and dry.

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