Monday, December 16, 2013

Rainbow Bay

It was a rough ride from St Thomas just the eight short miles across Pillsbury Sound to Lameshur Bay on St John.  With the wind gusting 25+ and the bow being buried so deep in waves the anchor disappeared, only to come up the next wave and we would look UP to the bow.

None of that mattered after we arrived. The water was the prettiest we have seen in the US and we had great protection from the 1,000ft hills close by. There were only three other boats in the mooring field and we were quite content.

They even had an NPS dock so Kala didn't have to be a law breaker and touch the beach.  We proceeded to explore, hiking and snorkeling, all around.

The only thing I'd change about Lameshur is the name - it should be called Rainbow Bay. We saw so many and they were so bright...sometimes even double rainbows! How can that not make you happy?
Christmas Cove, St Thomas, USVI
Our new mood lighting which Baxter made look so easy to install (done in an hour)
Single rainbow…we couldn't believe how beautiful it was!
Double Rainbow - right over Terrapin.  When we're having a tough moment, this will be my happy place. 
Blue Tang City (aka Dori of "Finding Nemo).  I think they are saying "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.."
Waterfalls in the Caribbean are fun.
This is right after the deluge of rain (x3)
Petroglyphs carved between 900-1500 A.D. by the Pre-Columbian Taino natives and their ancestors.
Rainbows bring smiles
This is our remoray friend.  He LOVED us!! and was happy to help clean the bottom of the dinghy.
Terrapin likes her backdrop.

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Elizabeth, Ed and Luna said...

Spectacular rainbows, both the single and the double. We're pleased you enjoyed Lameshur as much as we did last year. It's a very special place. We miss you!

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