Monday, December 23, 2013

Maho Bay

Baxter and I don't typically get "sticky feet" and hang around any one place for more than a couple of days, but we just can't find any compelling reason to leave Maho Bay.  There are enough snorkeling spots to explore for months, there are great hiking trails right off the beach, a mini market if we absolutely needed anything, and the wind is howling everywhere but here.

We have even found ourselves in a routine where we wake up and paddle Kala to shore on the SUP, eat breakfast, work on boat projects or make conference calls, more paddle boarding, some snorkeling, and then dinner. What else do you need? Not one person here has reminded us of the rules about dogs on beaches (though Kala has not really broken any) and it is relatively quiet.

We have also been hanging out with Sabrina and Tom on SV Honey Ryder whose blog I've followed for a couple years and had the chance to meet through the Salty Dawg Rally. They are like-minded cruisers and it's been fun talking boats and passage stories over sun downers.

Alas, we will have to leave in a couple of days as our friend Keri is coming to visit and we are off to St Thomas to pick her up and then to the BVI to explore and celebrate New Year's. We also might see Skylark again (who all three of us miss hanging out with), Steve on Chandara, and maybe Logan & Gillian on Stella Blue (c'mon weather - cooperate please.)

Lots more adventures in store!!

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