Tuesday, December 3, 2013


After some wet, windy days in Virgin Gorda, we had restless feet and needed to go somewhere and do something besides sit on the boat opening hatches and closing hatches (every time it rained, which was about every 30 min.)  Coincidentally, we heard, someone “rented” out the Bitter End and it would be closed for the next few days/weeks?? except for the Fuel Dock, but boats in the mooring field were not supposed to go to shore (WHO has the power/money to close a resort - did I hear someone say British Royalty??).  All signs pointed towards a sail to Anegada.

Anegada claims:
  • Third largest barrier reef in the world (behind Austrailia and Belize.)
  • Most treacherous reefs with the Atlantic’s most ship wrecks (I think they might need to check with Cape Hatteras, NC on that but….)
  • Most remote and only atoll in the Virgin Islands.
As soon as we pulled into the anchorage next to Paul and Chris (SV Georgia) – we loved it!!  This is our kind of place.  Ten feet of water to anchor in, not too distant shore and land so flat, you can almost see the other side.  It reminded us of the Bahamas – just very remote with loooonnnngggg beaches.  When you have a sweet dog who loves to run and is tired of hearing dinghies whizzing by her boat in a mooring field – there is no where you’d rather be.

Ed, Elizabeth and Luna (SV Skylark) were right behind us and we dinghied over to see if Luna wanted a ride to the beach.  Elizabeth and Luna were up for it and we all made the trip over to the deep, soft, sandy beach.  Kala and Luna commiserated about yet another boring trip on the big boat and then Luna followed her nose to find some goats or cows…instead being stopped by the briar patch.  Poor girl had them all over her feet and belly.

That afternoon included more attempts at adventures – snorkeling but visibility was less than a foot so that didn’t work out and kite boarding but wind died so that didn’t work out.  We gave up and invited everyone to our boat for sundowners.

It was definitely a fantastic day of sailing, playing on the beach and chasing lots of fun!
Capt Kala

Great day sailing in the BVI

Instead of a soccer mom, I'm a dinghy mom taking the girls to the beach for a run.
The surgical removal of burrs
The culprit
Grinning ear-to-ear
So grateful for all our blessings.

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