Saturday, December 14, 2013

Friday the 13th

Being in a beautiful spot like Caneel Bay, we had our day planned full of hiking and snorkeling. Until...we turned on the diesel generator first thing in the morning to power up our batteries a little more.

You didn't really think our dirty fuel issues were resolved, did you? Baxter changed the Racor filters twice in about 20 min and there was still an issue with the port fuel tank (of course we just filled it in the BVI thinking it was good to go.)

Loooonnnggg story short, we sailed to St Thomas, dinghied about 5 miles to Budget Marine for odds and ends, found a fuel polisher and made an appt for next week, and bought more gas for the dinghy.

By time we were back to Terrapin, it was 4:30. Baxter had a conference call and then we took Kala to shore.  It was a long hot day but like I've said before - you have to work hard to get to the fun tickets in this sailing world.

The narrow cut that didn't even look as wide as our boat when we first saw it.

You know, just the regular cruise ship traffic.

Hey Baxter, can you touch that rock RIGHT next to you?

Beautiful views of the Caribbean

See, life is not always fruity drinks and sunsets.

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