Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fat Hog Bay, Road Town & Bitter End... Whew!

We woke up in FHB with lots of work to be done.  Penn's Landing told us about taxi's on the east end - if you call a taxi, it costs $25 to get to Road Town, but if you walk out on the road and hail one, it costs $3.  Guess which option we chose?  The $3 taxi is more like a town shuttle.  There were kids going to school, women going to work, and of course, the late night crowd who looks like they were coming in from the night before…and us.  

First stop was Golden Hines Chandlery, where Matt was a wealth of information.  He advised us that they sell a Racor (fuel filter) bowl by itself, but it would have to be shipped from Miami which would be $80 for the bowl and $80 for shipping.  That option would also mean we would have to stay on Tortola until the part was received.  With no good place to anchor, that means more money for moorings.  We'll consider it….

Next stop was Parts and Power in Road Town but before we got there we found a Marine Depot where we stocked up on sealant and a dinghy light - fun stuff, I know.  No Racor bowl BUT the guy there offered to call Parts and Power just to see if they even had a bowl before we trekked ourselves over there.  They did!!!  We started walking - the wrong direction.  We found a group of taxi guys waiting for the next customer and they said it would cost $10 for a Taxi - the going rate.  Huh?  We were closer to town, things cost more.  We walked back to our happy $3 Taxi area and found one that took us to Parts and Power.  We found the Racor bowl ($60 and it worked perfectly).  We hailed another taxi who took us to Rite Way grocery store (where the prices are about 30% cheaper than any other market in the BVI).  While I shopped, Baxter dinghied to Terrapin, picked up Kala and they both met me at the dock.

Our work here was done and we were dropping the mooring and heading to somewhere with good protection from the NE-E with good holding.  It turns out, our free mooring at the Bitter End might be the perfect spot.  We received a surprise visit from Paul and Chris on Georgia (who we had last seen in Anegada) and had a quick visit and then we were off.  

The sun had come out after a rainy morning and it was a fun ride (motored right into the wind) back to North Sound.  Knowing what to expect from the forecasted winds makes them tolerable and not hard to deal with.  We have projects to keep us busy and there are still lots of fun things to do.

Red Rock of Fat Hog Bay

Fat Hog Bay - Penn's Landing mooring field.  The grocery store is the white building on the left.  Dinghy right up to the back door.

Back to our old ways in North Sound (Bitter End)

Life is great!
One of the many "To-Do's" completed…Baxter rebedded the port-side chain plates.

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