Sunday, April 27, 2014

Work and Play

Baxter and I are working to get the boat ready for a long passage north. Since you never know exactly what to expect, we are doing our best to get things accomplished.

I have taken on the task of a partial cockpit enclosure to try and keep us as warm and dry as possible. Not really needed in the Caribbean, but should come in handy in Ireland or anywhere north of 40 degrees. Since I just learned to sew last year, I don't expect too much but something that will get us by. The professionals quoted us $2500 for the project. I hope to do it for $60….pictures to follow.

We also had our wheel recovered. Not really a safety issue but it will help if we have to hand steer for hours.

Another improvement we think will make a huge difference is having our traditional spinnaker modified to an asymmetrical. Spinnakers are typically light air sails (unless you're racing) and this might be the perfect passage for that. With four of us on board, if the weather is good, it will be great to have it ready to raise. With the traditional spinnaker, we would most likely keep it in a locker as getting it out and up would be logistically a pain. 

These projects have not stood in the way of having more fun in Antigua. We were very excited to meet up with Mike from Right Turn after his partner, Kate, flew in from the UK (Mike is the one who gave us great advice since he has crossed the Atlantic five times - most single handed). We spent a few nights laughing and sharing stories before they left to eventually head to the Western Caribbean. 

Antigua Race Week begins this weekend and it is very different than Classics but the energy is high and full of excitement!

Anna and Haken (SV Unicorn) in perfect style for the Cream Team party.
Mike and Kate on SV Right Turn
Baxter at the North Sails loft discussing our pretty spinnaker.

Picking out new colors for wheel.
Beautiful job - Thanks Annalea!!


Sabrina and Tom said...

The wheel looks great.

Molly Gillespie said...

Thanks. We were very happy about it and think she did an amazing job. Much better than I could do with a kit.

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