Monday, April 21, 2014

Classic Friends

If you weren't able to catch our last two blog posts, we have spent the last week enjoying the beauty of these truly classic boats at Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta.  The Regatta involves five days of racing and parties and we have been fortunate to view the competition from different hill tops around the island as well as from the dinghy (though we try to stay out of the way of boats that don't have time to worry about staying out our way.)

There has been a hospitality event every night with free drinks and tapas, sponsored by Panerai and the band usually starts playing around 6 pm.  Last night, Wayfarer Marina in Maine (yes, Maine, USA) sponsored the "Maine Party" with lobster bisque, free Mont Gay rum drinks, an auction, and a raffle.  It has truly been an amazing experience and we are so glad we were at this spot on the globe at this moment in time.

Being here now also gave us an opportunity to catch up with some great friends while we've been here. including Tom and Sabrina on Honey Ryder, Haken and Anna on Unicorn, John and Robin on Imagine of Falmouth, Glen and Elise on Windara and so many others.  We've also been fortunate enough to meet so many new friends like Rick and Diane on Edorfin II, Lee and Sharon on Allegro**, David and Alex on Banyan, Heather and Don on Asseance, Rene and Stacy on Pipe Muh Bligh…the list goes on and on.

The hard part is just as the wind blows us together, it also takes us in different directions.  As it was in St Maarten, it is time again to say goodbye and fair winds.  We hope to see all of them again - who knows maybe we will all meet here in Antigua for Antigua Classics 2015??

For those wondering, after a second trip to the vet and another taxi ride to St John's, Kala is on the mend.  She is on heavy duty antibiotics but her energy is back and she is asking for treats again (the sure sign she is herself again :)

** As a side note, Lee and Sharon on Allegro were part of Valiant Yachts in the 80s and actually sailed Terrapin in 1982 and 1984 when it belonged to Dan Scoggins, the first owner (founder of TGI Friday's).  The boat's name then was Jubileum and Lee and Sharon were nice enough to share their stories and memories with us.  They having an extensive sailing pedigree and we feel so fortunate to have met them.

Hospitality was also in full effect in the morning with espresso and croissants.

Second trip to The Ark.  Reluctant as she was to visit Dr. Fiona,  she knew it was necessary.

Hiking up with Tom and Sabrina (Honey Ryder) to watch the races.

Worth the hike.

Antigua Yacht Marina…center of the action.

Anna and Haken!!  So excited to see them here (Haken is not always blurry.)

Best concert of the week!  Playing a little Bob Marley gets everyone signing along.

Our dinghy concert on Good Friday.  Thanks to MV Bodacious for the use of his boat and David and Trudy on Persephone for the music.

Quite the turn out for an impromptu "concert"

The race course.

Spirit of Rani ready to raise the headsail.

Close to the action in the dinghy. Wind was blowing 25kts which required the silly hat.

Bishop Reef marker as the classics head out.

Three in a row.

Rainbow - the J Boat that blew everyone away.  Full Sail!

Tom and Sabrina from Honey Ryder who we have become good friends with and now are moving south to Trinidad.  Hopefully we will meet again.


Sabrina and Tom said...

So much fun. So many good memories. We can't wait until we see you guys again so we can make more memories. And we will! I am sure of it!

Molly Gillespie said...

Safe travels south! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures.

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