Thursday, April 17, 2014

They Call Him A Working Man

This has been a head-down last few days.

Kala has been the sickest she has ever been.  After 5-days of vomiting, dry heaving and other unpleasantries, our tactics were not solving the problem, and we did not want her to get too dehydrated so we took a taxi to St John ($60) and to a vet everyone around here said they love.  This was definitely a third-world office, but the vet was great and made such a huge difference.  It turns out she most likely has food poisoning and is on the mend with anti emetics, antibiotics and some rehydration salts.  The best part is her vegan parents bought a chicken breast and that will be her dinner for the next week or so.  Fingers crossed she keeps improving.

Since we have been trying to stay close to the boat, we are knocking out project after project, including adding better non-skid paint to the cockpit.  I am sorry Katie Jacquemin that we didn't have this sooner.  Maybe you need to come sail with us again just to experience not sliding into the pit.  We don't particularly enjoy painting since it can go wrong quickly, but we gave it a go and learned after the first try and learned even more on the second try…now we feel pretty good about the process.

I also made covers for the "cubbies" on the side of the cockpit.  They are kind of like our junk drawers and having covers over them makes the cockpit look a bit cleaner.

For as sick as she was, she was such a good girl in the taxi.
The first try…it got better each time after.

The finished "sticky" look.
The top of the cubby cover.

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