Monday, April 28, 2014


We have a daily to-do list outlined for the next week with quite a few items to be checked off and we are working fast and furious to get Terrapin (and ourselves/Kala) ready for the passage.  It doesn't help that Baxter and I have both caught colds in the last few days but the work still has to be done, no lame excuses.

We were very excited to see Daniel arrive on Saturday and John on Sunday!  Their enthusiasm for the passage is awesome and even Kala can't stop talking to them about it.  She is so excited to have someone else on the boat besides boring ol' Mom and Dad.  We have all settled into our individual spaces for the next month or so and it is nice to be in a happy groove.

We will spend a few more days in Falmouth and then head over to Jolly Harbour.  From there, we will do laundry, fill our water tanks, check out of Antigua and initiate our weather routing, including looking for the best time to head offshore.  Then it is nothing but us and the North Atlantic.  We're all filled with anticipation and excitement…but we still have a few days and projects remaining - back to work.

The open space that I am working to fill with the partial enclosure.
My sewing assistant hard at work (you can barely see her black nose hanging out.) Sometimes she inadvertently hits the pedal and off to stitching she goes.
The enclosure…not seamless perfection but it should keep us warm(er) and dry(er)
The Mont Gay Rum "Red Hat" party - these are very coveted caps and Baxter and I drank A LOT of rum to get a couple.

Airing out our foul weather and warm gear before the passage.

Baxter and Daniel having fun during Antigua Race Week.

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