Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Project Sunday

Kala has been sick recently, most likely due to the random scraps of food people throw in the sand for her to find after they leave.  She was scared and tired and we felt so bad for her, but did our best to help her rest and get over whatever it was.  Needless to say, we were concerned as the vet accessibility here isn't great and we don't have a car, but it seems she is on the mend and ready to start swimming and chasing balls again.  Big sigh of relief.

Given the "sick day",  we took the opportunity to work on boat projects so we could keep a close eye on the third member of Terrapin's crew.

Baxter's projects included installing a 'new' deck fill that had been fiberglassed over when the deck was painted in 2010.  He found the plumbing for it and the water tank, but there was no fill….hmmm.  He took care of that. Baxter said that... "the work was not quite up to Captain Ron's standards but would do for now..."

I tried to brush up on my rusty sewing skills and make new winch covers.  It will help keep the winches free of sand, sun and dust when we are not under way.

Baxter has also been fighting with one of our bilge pumps that has an enclosed float switch.  A nasty job but one that keeps the boat floating and helps us sleep better at night. Apparently, the problem is a known issue and if we were in the states, we could take it back to West Marine.  In Antigua, all we can do is buy a new one that has a separate, external switch.

Our intended departure date from Antigua, depending on weather, is first or second week of May and I expect the boat project list to grow a bit, but hopefully we can continue to keep up.

**No happy Kala pictures today…poor girl.  Also no pictures of the bilge - it's just one of those things that bringing a camera out at the wrong moment might not be the best idea :)

Tank and plumbing in place, just need to put a hole in the deck.

It may not be conveyed in this picture, but taking a Roto-Zip to your deck can be precarious.
Shiny new deck fill in place where there wasn't even a hole before.

Old winch cover on the jib sheet (the one on right with black base - those came with the boat).  My new winch cover on left. 

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