Thursday, April 3, 2014

I think we will stay a while...

Upon arriving in Antigua after a fantastic sail, we dropped the hook, took the dinghy off the deck and rapidly headed to customs to check-in to the country (which also includes a visit to the vet for Kala).

Customs, immigration and the port authority are in English Harbor which is only a short walk from Falmouth, where we were anchored. English Harbor's main dock is Nelson's Dockyard, named after Horatio Nelson himself. The history and the remnants of the dockyard "works" is a very interesting experience, especially if you contrast it with the French forts from Iles Saintes. 

We spent the next few days exploring Falmouth and English Harbor, catching up with Sabrina and Tom on Honey Ryder, and getting chores done. 

In just less than a week, Antigua is definitely among our favorites in the Eastern Caribbean, mostly due to the hospitality of the locals and good shops especially the marine bookstore, Lord Jim's Locker". Everyone is so nice, the island is very clean, and you don't get a sideways glare for having a dog. 

There are a couple other spots we are excited to check out including Jolly Harbor, Barbuda and Nonsuch beach. We have plenty of time as our plan is to stay through Race Week (end of April.)

Falmouth Harbour on left; English Harbour on right.  They are not connected, meaning you have to go out and around by boat to get to one from the other.
The story of Nelson's Dockyard.

This would look very good in Madison, Ga...

…or perhaps this one instead.

The escapee

Something to think about.

When is the last time you saw one of these…outside of Europe.

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