Monday, April 14, 2014

Downtown Saturday Afternoon

We are currently anchored in Falmouth Harbour, but the capitol of Antigua is St John's.  Instead of losing our prime spot in the anchorage and taking the big boat over to St John's, we decided to take the bus.

The bus costs $3.75 EC=$1.45 USD and the cultural experience is invaluable.  On the way there, the bus, I mean van, was full but quiet and whenever someone wants to get off they just politely say "Bus Stop".  We walked around the "big city" and bought vegetables at the market, found an ATM that actually works, and find a pharmacy that sells antihistamines (the pharmacies in Falmouth sell deodorant and shower gel.)

Our ride home was a lot more rowdy with a particularly aggravated Rasta who was screaming at the bus driver to "Drive, Mon, Just Drive" and the bus driver screaming back.  I just happened to be sitting next to Mr. Rasta so it was deep immersion into the local culture.

All very worth the $1.45!

Riding the bus to St John's
The HOT peppers.  We used these once…we'll pass this time.

Fun produce section.

Cooking tips for all kinds of veggies.

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