Monday, April 7, 2014

Jolly Good Time

 After exploring Falmouth for nearly a week, we decided to go over to Jolly Harbour.  Its a great little marina about 13 miles from Falmouth.  

We dropped the hook and tried to dive our anchor to make sure it was set.  Unfortunately, due to sediment being stirred up recently, we couldn't see our toes let alone the anchor chain (and definitely not the anchor.)  We heard from others that the bottom was a corally sand and holding was good so we were comfortable with our set.

We went to work on a couple issues…of course, what would our day be like if we weren't chasing bees out of our fuel lines?  Fortunately, Baxter found the third bee who had made his way to the main fuel line and stopped just before the Racor filter.  Perfect!  Any good vibes you'd like to send that will be the last bee would be much appreciated.

We spent four days in Jolly…catching up with friends and meeting new ones.  Kind of funny that this habour with maybe 40 boats anchored we were able to see so many friends.

Among them, Mike on SV Right Turn, who we met in St Maarten, also happened to be in Jolly Harbour.  Mike is as salty as they come.  He has crossed the Atlantic I think five times, many single-handed.  So Mike indulged us as we picked his brain about the crossings, the routes, the ports in Europe, different countries,etc…  information that is not always available from a cruising guide or a chart.  Mike's partner Kate will be joining him in Antigua and we hope to meet her and see them again before we both leave for the summer and go in different directions.

We met Gwen and Paul on SV Blue Sky.  They were Salty Dawgs who were in Hampton, VA at Bluewater Marina, but we didn't actually meet them until we were anchored right next to them in Jolly Harbour.  Gwen and Paul have a cute little dog named Charlie, and we had a great time getting to know them.  It turns out they are vegetarians as well (trying to be vegan as much as possible in the Caribbean) and we had quite a bit in common.  They are heading north for hurricane season and plan to be back in the Caribbean next year to explore the French islands.  We hope our paths will cross again soon.

Finally, we saw Barbara and Tom on SV Kalani.  They were actually next to us in the dock in Hampton, VA before we left for the BVI.  We knew they had diverted to Bermuda during the rally but had not been able to meet up with them since to see what happened or where they had been.  It was great to see them in Jolly and talk about what they have been doing for the last six months.

Mike on SV Right Turn took this photo when we hauled him up his mast.  Jolly Harbour anchorage.
The beautiful water color in Jolly reminded me of the Bahamas.

Another beautiful sunset in Antigua.
Motoring between reefs around Jolly Harbour (wind on nose.)

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