Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What Do People Do All Day?

When I was growing up, my Mom used to read to me from Richard Scarry’s book, What Do People DoAll Day. The book is basically an illustrated version of peoples jobs and, in a microcosm, an overview of how the world works with the subliminal message being one of; “hey kid, you betta pick out what ya gunna do with ya life!”

We’ll looking through the book now, I think I have done a lot of different jobs even to the extent of having career ADD.  But in the last day or so, while trying to get Terrapin dialed in, here is what I have done…

What a great book!
The inside spread of Richard Scarry's book. Seemingly appropriate! 

Installed a LED reading light for Molly's side of the bed.

Installed a WirieAP long-range wifi antenna and network.

Installed netting to protect our Racors and fuel lines in the lazarette.
Tried to rebuild the forward cabin's sink fixture.  Fail.

Installed a raw water foot pump.  Doesn't look like $114 does it?

Another shot of the foot pump and telescoping spout. 

Installed fire extinguishers throughout the boat. Safety first.

Actually tried to work at the office too!

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