Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Life In A Small Town

I have mentioned how much we like Deltaville probably more than most care to hear…but it truly is great.  We also found a fantastic Chinese restaurant which had just opened when we left in the spring.  We have eaten lunch there almost every single day this week.  By the third day, we didn't even have to order - he already knew what we wanted.

So…our typical day goes…

1)  Take Kala ashore to play and grab a cup of coffee in the lounge office;
2)  Take Kala back to the boat while Molly sets up computers and charges phone in lounge;
3)  Grab a couple of bikes and make a trip to Hurd's Hardware, Cafe By The Bay (to visit with friends) or West Marine;
4)  Come back - dump a couple of layers of clothes on the boat and work on the mornings boat project;
5) Pick up the loaner car - drive to Chinese….Maybe stop by the Waterway Guide office to say hello to more friends;
6)  Go back to the yard and work on more boat repairs, issues, projects;
7)  Check on Kala - take her to play again;
8)  Grab bikes and ride to another marina to see if our friends are around;
9)  Back to the boat to work on projects that are being neglected while we visit with friends;
10)  Find more projects to work on;
11)  Take Kala to play;
12)  Make a list of things to pick up at Hurd's and West Marine the next day;
13)  Back to the boat to get ready for the 6pm fun in the lounge where cruisers commiserate discuss their travels;
14)  Go back to the boat, eat dinner and maybe watch a movie or read;
15)  Sleep.  Wake Up.  Repeat.

Today we are leaving to head south on the Chesapeake and stage for our passage to the Caribbean.  We will definitely miss this place.

Kala ready to be picked up


Anonymous said...

Was great to read in here today Molly. I had not been in here for a while. Great pictures. I especially love the one of you and the Statue of Liberty and the close up of Kala with Baxter in the background. Miss you guys so much and cant wait to cruise with you one day soon. Lots of love and so much respect, Kel xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Ps The terrapin looks fantastic xxx

Molly Gillespie said...

Aww! Thanks Kel! If you're looking for something fun to keep you busy while Crazy is working, we are only a short 20-hour flight away :) It would be great content for your next magazine article! Love ya!

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