Monday, September 30, 2013

So close!!!

Unfortunately, we're still stuck in NJ and will be for a while, yo. (everyone in New Jersey says "yo" at the end of their sentences) Right after we posted the last enthusiastic blog on Sunday, we put Terrapin in the water on Monday morning and found a big leak around the shaft tube. The damage most likely occurred when the damage to the shaft and engine happened. We've had the insurance company's surveyor out to inspect the damage and are awaiting the coverage verdict. Tense times, yo.

The only thing solution now is to bore out the old tube and fiberglass another one which will take a few weeks to get the bore and materials.  

Since we can't get Kala up the ladder easily (no thumbs, yo!) and yard life is very dirty, Molly and Kala went to visit her mom in Michigan while I work on projects. It's just not the same on the boat without the girls. (yo.)

We should know more about repair timeframes and whether we have insurance coverage later this week. We're about ready for this part of the adventure to be over and get on with some sailing but at least NJ and NY are nice this time of year. 

Soooo close!!!

If you have to study the Yanmar manual, at least have a liter of Spaten Octoberfest.
Now THIS is a Home Depot. $14 in ferry tolls and 8 miles walking but it was cool.

The view is nice from the boat. I now have the hard dodger and solar panel on. 

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