Sunday, October 13, 2013


Molly and Kala have returned to New Jersey and we're all floating on the service dock in Liberty Landing.

Things we're going so smoothly that we had time to rent a car and drive to the Annapolis Boat Show yesterday. We saw lots of old friends and met some in person that we had only exchanged emails.

Tomorrow, we will do a short sea trial for the engine with Emad and finish putting some of the interior back together. Assuming all goes well, on Tuesday, we will provision and then on Wednesday we'll do a quick overnight sail to Block Island.  Should be fun!

Sitting on the dock with Manhattan in the background.

So nice to be floating!

Molly beginning the big clean-up.
Kala is obviously happy to be home.


Pelle said...

Great ! stay in the water now !


Kellie Morrissey said...

The Terrapin looks beautiful in these pics. Love that big kitchen so much. Just stalking your blog again cause I miss ya's xxxx Love Kel xxx

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