Friday, October 25, 2013

On The Hook

We pulled into a free slip at Deltaville Marina to get the 50-hour service done on the engine.  Ronnie, our new friend and Yanmar engine tech, adjusted our valves, checked our mounts, and changed the Yanmar's fluids.  I might be a girl but I can tell you that I am awfully proud of our shiny new diesel engine.

Meanwhile, back at the mast, Baxter was busy going up and down to put our new tricolor (navigation light) on top of the mast, check the staysail stay, and screw in one of our lower shroud bolts (came loose last week offshore).  I took the time to verify the number of turns on the winch to make sure I didn't exaggerate in the previous blog and wouldn't you know, I was pretty spot on.

Those were just two of the tasks that were on our list…we have continuously been knocking out as many as we can each day…as it grows, we work harder to keep making progress, such is life.

As soon as Ronnie was done, we were excited to go back out to the anchorage (right in front) and life is so much better when you're on your "own island."  Kala is happier at anchor - she doesn't have to work as hard to guard the boat from passers-by and things don't get as dirty at anchor.  We do have to monitor our electricity usage - but that's good for everyone to keep in mind, even those on a big city grid.
Tricolor mounted - right before it started raining and water came down the mast.
It was a windy day and Baxter was working hard to use his legs to keep from swinging around.

One of the great advantages of Deltaville Boat Yard is the use of their Land Cruiser.
Calm morning at anchor in Jackson Creek.

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