Monday, October 7, 2013

Valiant Rendezvous 2013

With rain in the forecast for Jersey City this weekend and no way to complete the fiberglass work, I rented a car and drove down to Annapolis to visit Steve on Chandara and attend the Valiant Rendezvous. The Valiant Rendezvous is an annual gathering of Valiant owners at the home of Rogue WaveOwners Bernie and Kate. 

There were 20 boats represented at the gathering with 10 having arrived by sea and were anchored out behind Kate and Bernie’s house in Luce Creek. In the group of 20 represented boats, there were three circumnavigators, one couple that had bought their Valiant new in 1979 and still live aboard and several who had flown in from overseas. 

The gathering reinforced our feeling that we have purchased a well-founded blue water boat that has a great familial support network. 

Four of the Valiants that attended by sea rafted together on the Chesapeake

Awards presentation by Bernie & Kate. Great hosts!

Chandara on the hard after hitting an unmarked fish trap that was in the channel at night. Note the black cat in the corner leaving. I think both Terrapin and Chandara have had way too much bad luck lately!

The back of Steve's Beta with the damaged v-drive removed. Steve's repairs are underway and should be completed  in the next few weeks.

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