Monday, October 14, 2013

Eastpointe Surprise

As Baxter mentioned, while Terrapin was on the hard (i.e. out of the water) it was difficult to get Kala on and off the boat without risk.  My Mom lives nine hours from New Jersey, so after Baxter and I considered our options, I gave her a call and told her I would be at her house that night (which ended up being 24 hours after a Hertz car malfunction debacle). 

We stayed in Eastpointe for just over two weeks and despite the time away from Baxter, had such a nice visit.  Baxter and I are now left with the task of telling Kala that only Grammy gives her three treats at a time – she pretends she doesn’t understand what we’re talking about. 

While we were in Michigan we had a great time meeting so many of Mom’s friends, attending so many meetings with her, and helping her around the house.  We went to parks so Kala could swim and I played technical assistant helping Mom and her friend Sue with their computer woes (you’re welcome Best Buy).

Mom is ready for her trip to the Caribbean this winter to come sailing with us…she is also marketing new charters for anyone interested.  She got used to introducing me as “This is Molly, my youngest.  She lives on a boat with her husband and dog.  She’s a boat captain.  You can hire her for a charter in the BVI.”  I’m glad she is proud to tell people we live on a boat…but she can’t be as nearly as proud as I am to tell people, “This is my Mom.”  That says it all.  

Kala enjoying OB (Orange Bone), another Grammy special.

Mom receiving the PACE Humanitarian Award from one of her favorites, Rev. James.

Great visit with my Uncle Kenny, Chris, and Mom...Kala front and center

During Uncle Kenny's visit, Kala showed off her rolling skills and found something super stinky - so later, she found herself in the bathtub.  Sorry for the blurry pic but if you've given a dog a bath, you understand.

Where my mom often finds herself - head of City Council meeting.

Harsens Island with Mom and her friend Sue.

Just because I was visiting Mom, boat work didn't stop.  Finishing up last cushion (re-do from previous poor color choice)

On land, I feel like a fish out of water - Mom helping me rehab.

More boat work - they don't sell red bulbs, so that's an easy fix with a little paint (red light is essential for maintaining night vision down below during passages.)

Mom's Sunday breakfast crowd!  Bob, Elise, Adie, Elwood, Kevin, Mom, Jean, and Annie.  It was my pleasure to be a guest of this great group.

Mom's Community Garden box (yes, that is basil on the left and it is as good as it looks.)

Boat project - faucet fixture.  Ended up not working.

Helping Sue through her technical issues at Best Buy.  Rumor is she is now the Queen of Facebook.

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