Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pushing Through

Today was a big day. Bill, our fiberglass expert, got started drilling out the old shaft tube with a carbide tipped bit. He first had to navigate past the $300,000 carbon fiber Gun Boat mast to cut off the five layers of fiberglass that he had laid-up on the old shaft tube. Molly and I love Gun Boats after seeing one of the early hulls in Bora Bora. (yes, we're all that.) (Check Out Tiger Lily, the Gun Boat next to Terrapin.) Tomorrow it is supposed to rain so maybe no fiberglass work.

While Bill was doing this, I prepped the interior and helped Emad, our repower specialist, connect the hot water heater line into the engine. This way, when we run the engine, hot water will be generated. This sounds like a small thing but when you motor into an atoll after a long passage, you are happy for a hot rinse-off.

The drill bit. The top is wider than the bottom so that the bit drills a centered hole as it increases in size.
Bill cutting off the cone.

Lining up the bit.

The tube is the black thing in the center.  The bane of my existence.
Drill baby drill!!!

Showing off the carbide teeth.

Plastic sheeting and a ventilation system.
The Gunboat 66, Tiger Lilly that was next to me. The owner flew riggers in from the Solent to step the mast. 

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