Friday, January 17, 2014


Baxter and I had a great time with Verne, Keri and Steve touring the USVI and BVI quite a bit.  We are now waiting and preparing to head further south east through the Caribbean, which will probably be within the next week.

As we wait for the weather window*, we have spent the time catching up with Logan and Gillian on Stella Blue, as well as Sabrina and Tom on Honey Ryder.  Kala also had the chance to see one of her old friends, Luna.  As we sit, we find projects to work on and we have to remember not to start something that can't be finished and put away quickly when our weather window opens.

*By weather window, we mean anything blowing less than 20 knots and preferably north of east.  Since the Christmas Winds arrived early in the north eastern Caribbean, it has been consistently over 25 kts from the east for the last two months.  It looks like the winds might be moderating to less than 15kts, still on the nose, but less so.  If we don't get what we are looking for, we will probably go anyway and maybe change our course to something a bit further south to get a better wind angle.

Kala's friend Luna
Baxter & Kala enjoying the view.
Terrapin and Stella Blue finally in the same mooring field in the BVI!
Rocky shore, reef break, choppy surf, foreign country… guess it's time to wax the board and go out. What could possibly go wrong?!?!? :>)

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