Monday, January 6, 2014

All Dressed Up!

We picked up Keri in St Thomas 10 days ago and we've been having so much fun playing around the VI that it doesn't seem right that she is already going home.  She doesn't necessarily want to go home, as it is forecasted to be 4 degrees tonight in Atlanta.  Ugh!  That's a 76 degree drop!!

After New Year's Eve in Marina Cay, we took a trip around Jost Van Dyke, going to Foxy's - which was way too crowded for our taste, and then attempted to visit Soggy Dollar Bar, but didn't even come close to joining the chaos of crowds on that beach.  Instead, we opted for Little Harbor to spend a quiet evening.  We finally made our way over to Cane Garden Bay where we picked up our friend Steve (S/V Chandara).  We all had a great time hanging out at Quito's and listening to live reggae by Leo (our rasta friend who actually lived in Logan, UT and went to Utah State.)

The day after Cane Garden Bay was packed full of chores and travels.  We sailed over to Soper's Hole to check out of the BVI and then over to Caneel Bay to pick up a mooring.  We all jumped in the dinghy and went over to Cruz Bay to check in to the US (including Kala) and have lunch.  Shortly after checking in, we had a wet ride back to Terrapin since it was blowing about 25 kts and then we went over to American Yacht Harbor for a slip since Keri was flying out of St Thomas the next day.

We accomplished quite a bit in just 12 hours with laundry, diesel, groceries, and nice refreshing showers!  One of the best parts about coming to St Thomas is we were able to have our bimini install completed.  Having canvas work down on a boat can be difficult.  The canvas makers are usually booked for weeks or months and there is usually price negotiation and compromise on what you would like versus what your budget allows.  We found Dave at Neptune's Loft and we have to say that everything fell into place perfectly!  Within three weeks, he was able to measure the cockpit, install the frame for the bimini, make the canvas and complete the install without any compromise on schedule or price.  What more could you ask for?  Anyone in the VI who needs work done, let us know and we will send you Dave's contact info.  He comes highly recommended!

With the bimini installed, we now will have more protection from the elements in the cockpit.  The bimini also completes the look and it's like Terrapin is all dressed up with lots of places to go!

We went, we got the t-shirt. A BVI must-see but for us, it was crowded and touristy.
Little Harbor, JVD.  Terrapin between our heads in background.
Abe's By The Sea - our kind of bar.
Just our type.
So sad to see Keri go.  Kala wanted to walk her out and say goodbye.
American Yacht Harbor in St Thomas.
Bimini frame install
Final product!  Terrapin's new duds.



Love seeing and hearing about your adventures...brings back so many memories of my younger years spent cruising down there! Y'all keep posting and have a GREAT 2014!!!

Kellie orrissey said...

Looks great guys xxx

Sabrina and Tom said...

Terrific pics. LOVE your new bimini. It looks awesome. Thanks for HH last night. Next one is on our boat down the line!

Molly Gillespie said...

Thanks Claudia! You should come visit. From what we've seen, looks like you guys are still very adventurous :) Have a great 2014!!

Molly Gillespie said...

It would look really great with you in some of the pictures :)

Molly Gillespie said...

Sounds great!! Thanks for coming over.

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