Monday, January 13, 2014

Long White Sandy Beaches

With only a couple of days left for Verne in the BVI, we wanted to maximize the fun.  We spent a long rolly night at Cooper Island and then sailed over to Guana Island the next day.  When we had been to Guana on New Year's Day with Keri, it was mega yacht city, with no less than 10 huge monstrosities (my term for multi-million dollar, 100+ feet of motor yacht, complete with crew and dinghies the size of Terrapin) anchored around us. This is one of our favorite spots, so who can blame everyone for wanting to start the year off right.  As we pulled in with Verne, it was a different place.  At one point, we had the entire bay, with soft white long sandy beaches and great snorkeling, all to ourselves. This is also Kala's absolute FAVORITE beach!  She swam, she dug holes to China, she rolled in something stinky (thank goodness she's a bad aim), she ran, she played with sticks.  Needless to say, there was some pouting going on when we left.

Verne had a long journey back to Hawaii beginning on Sunday starting with a sail to Trellis Bay, which is walking distance to the ticket counter at Tortola's airport (Beef Island).  We beat straight into the wind, but thankfully it was only 3 miles away.  Previously, on NYE, we tried to get into Trellis with Keri but there were no mooring balls available (thank you to the people who "save" moorings with dinghies and paddle boards) and instead we went to Marina Cay.  This time, we found a ball and went into town.  Trellis Bay is a cute little eclectic "city" with art galleries, a market, and a couple of restaurants.  We dropped Verne off (after buying Terrapin a present) and while we made way for a different location that had some sort of protection, Verne had a trip from Tortola to St Marteen, St Marteen to New York, New York to Atlanta, Atlanta to Honolulu and Honolulu to Hilo.  We had 2 hours to go, he had 23 hours to go.

We are back in North Sound, Virgin Gorda and it feels comfortable since we have spent some time here.  But algae doesn't grow under our keel and we will be moving again shortly as soon as we get a decent weather window to move ESE down island in the Caribbean.  We have promised Kala we will take her to new wonderful beaches and we can't let her down.  As a side note, Stella Blue left Bermuda on Thursday for the BVI and it would be really great to see Logan and Gillian before we leave.

All in it together

Sundowner's on Guana

Verne with FOUR devices!  Staying connected

New look for the Captain

Kala rolling her eyes but watching closely as Daddy prepares her Kong

Seargant Major City at Vanishing Rock

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