Friday, January 24, 2014

Sint Maarten

This small little island in the northeast Caribbean is actually two different countries - One Dutch, One French.  Click here for more details about the origin.  After we explored the french side from Marigot Bay, it was time to give Terrapin a facelift.

We bought Terrapin with original standing rigging - the metal wires that keep the mast up.  It is typically recommended that rigging be replaced every 15 years…our boat is 32 years old, so it might be time.  The rigging may last another 30 years, but who wants to gamble with that bet?  Needless to say, we are back to living in a boat yard.  It is only temporary so we can deal with the dirty dock, disgusting water, and the fact that something huge seems to be missing down below (the mast.)

None the less, it gives us time to explore Sint Maarten and work on boat projects.  Baxter has already worked on the anchor chain, removed the chain plates (the plates that screw into the boat and attach the rigging to the hull), taken off the main sail and genoa (with the tremendous help from Tom and Sabrina on Honey Ryder…thank you, thank you, thank you!!) and we removed the boom so the yard could remove the mast.   There are quite a few other items on the list, depending how long we will be here.  When we are plugged into power and have the ability to run to the store, it is nice to cover as many things as possible.

Living on a dock can be tough, but we look forward to the progress we'll make and the rewards for our efforts.
Dutch St Maarten - home to mega mega mega yachts.  The "small" ones are probably 100 feet.

Going through the Simpson Bay bridge.  Openings are stressful - you have to be quick and ready or the bridge could close and not re-open for 8 more hours.

"Venus" - Steve Jobs' boat.  We saw her in the BVI too - do you think they are following us?

Terrapin - temporarily a power boat (no mast)

Lifting the mast off…the blue spar tite near Baxter's (red shirt) right shoulder is usually below deck.

Precarious position - please don't drop it, please don't drop it!

Our current exit off the boat.  Climb over the bow pulpit (metal rail) with foot on anchor roller and then jump to cleat without falling in the smeggy, nasty water.

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s/v Terrapin looks so "naked". I guess that is ok given part of the island is French - ha!

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