Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bound To Cover Just A Little More Ground... (or sea)

The old saying is that cruising plans are written in sand and that definitely seems to be the case with our sailing.  We usually have a general idea where we want to go but never feel the need to be hamstrung or limited by ideas of where we are headed from one day to the next and often let fate or chance play a big part in the direction of the bow.

Take for example our trip to the Bahamas a few years ago. We initially thought that we’d head offshore and be deep in the Bahamas before Christmas.  This was a funny recollection to us as we enjoyed a Christmas day beer at Schooner Wharf in Key West after a leisurely sail down the east coast to a free mooring off of the Conch Republic. Or how about our ill-fated trip to Maine with a "short" unplanned detour to New York and New Jersey. 

As we sit here at the north end of the BVI, we have begun to think about where we will spend hurricane season. We have friends headed south to Trinidad and Grenada, some headed back to the US and others to Panama, Bonaire or the South Pacific.

Right now, we have some ideas of where to go but have not settled on a firm plan though, when talking about our most exciting option with our friends on Skylark, we did receive a very nice present from them. Guess this might really help make up our minds… for now…

Thank you S/V Skylark!

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