Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oui! Oui!

St. Martin (the french side of the island) is very euro and we are diggin’ it.  Most everyone has a French accent and you are lucky if they understand your English.  Unfortunately, the six years I spent in French class only allow me enough to say “Je parle francais un peu” (I speak French a little.) Usually, that's when the person I’m talking to gives up, rolls their eyes, and just starts speaking English.

For the gourmet foodies out there, this place is a cheese and jambon (ham) mecca!!  Too bad, we opt out on both (the whole vegan thing is really in your face in a place like this.)  We will have to stick with the Caribbean-creole veggie variety that is also everywhere around here and just as yummy.

From a cruiser’s stand point, it’s a very simple island with most everything you need.  Check-in to the French side via a computer, get your passport stamped, they don’t care if we have a dog…there are wi-fi cafes everywhere, grocery store within dinghy walking distance and great chandleries for all the boat projects on your list.  We haven’t even made it to the Dutch side (Sint Maarten) yet….

Shrimpy's - your dinghy dock for all cruising necessities.

Tres Euro

Pomme de Terre (on the red bag)…Isn't that the island from Capt'n Ron?

The bridge to the lagoon from Marigot Bay is currently in pain (En Panne=not working)

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