Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Daily Grind

We have left our full-time jobs in offices and at first glance, it seems like we might have trouble filling our days.  Truth is we work harder, longer, and don't get paid (in monetary terms).

Just a few items since Matthew blew through that we have been working on:
1) Installing a new head (aka toilet)...I don't think it's necessary or worth it to go into detail about that.

2) Trying to determine if our port water tank(s) are leaking or if the large amount of dew on the boat every morning is responsible for the puddle of water under a drawer in the galley on a daily basis.

3) Patiently and calmly facilitating the repair of our in-mast furler motor and gear box for our main sail.  This is a no-go issue.  If it doesn't get fixed, Terrapin is just a motor boat.  With two weeks before we expect to leave, that was a wrinkle in our plan.  Baxter didn't get mad - didn't get frustrated - he just researched and found the only person alive who can fix this, literally (and I hate the overuse of adverbs so I mean, literally).  The company who made this motor is out of business.  The company they sold their parts to stopped servicing these motors and they sold them to this guy (Eric).  Our only option if this doesn't work is probably upwards of $20k...which is almost an entire year of living on the boat.

4) Installing the backstay insulator for the single-sideband radio.  This entailed Baxter hanging 50 feet off the ground by his forearms for over an hour.  

5)  Installing the IridiumGo! mount and antennae.  This is our satellite connection while we are offshore, so pretty critical piece of equipment.

6) Provisioning for the passage.  It's a little early but since we won't have a car after this weekend, it is easier to do it now.  Hopefully Baxter and I won't go on a canned food binge and eat everything before we leave.

7) Servicing the Luke Prop - filling it full of grease via a screw called a zerk fitting.

8) Painting the bottom and buffing the hull - I might be in the picture, but Baxter definitely did the majority of the work.

There's still quite a bit left to do but more about that next time....
IridiumGo! mounted with antennae installed on stern, connecting to the device in the nav station.
We bought Kala her very own pink sleeping bag.
Servicing the prop via zerk fitting with a grease gun.
Preliminary provisioning list

Prepping to paint bottom.
Furling gear box and motor - removed and preparing to ship to our Obi-Wan
The Ship's Tailor made this "curtain" for us based on a design Baxter created.  It comes down from the hard dodger and protects the cockpit so watches will be warm and dry - but still allows quick access to cockpit.  It is also easy to take down - unlike a full enclosure.
Installing a new head
Thank you Chris - on SV Perseverance VII for helping to winch Baxter up the mast
The black line that goes halfway up the backstay is the antennae for the single side-band radio.  Baxter was hanging off the backstay for over an hour to install inch by inch.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to follow your trip!!! Good luck and be safe!! xoxo

Marci :-)

Jimmy Z (not V) said...

Y'all are my heroes. All the best, GODS Speed, look forward to following the blog.

Clay said...

Very cool. Keep up the great posts!

Sabrina and Tom said...

Ssb? Dont forget the coconut net 8am on 8170 strting Nov 1st

Molly Gillespie said...

Thanks Marci!!

Molly Gillespie said...

We're just trying to live a happy life. Thanks for following.

Molly Gillespie said...

Thanks Clay.

Molly Gillespie said...

We'll be there...

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