Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Boat Yard Life

For those who have never lived in a boat yard, it’s interesting and different and hard to explain. You have neighbors who are 10 feet away and you don’t even care. When it rains, everyone is sleeping on a damp bed (all boats have leaks and usually they are either right over your head when you’re sleeping or when you’re eating). Everyone has several “maintenance” projects and then one really big project that is make or break for their cruising plans. No one has money that they are willing to spend on stupid stuff. Most people don’t have cars at their boat. Everyone is doing laundry at a laundry mat. Everyone knows all the details about the weather and the forecast to the level that would qualify them as a meterologist. Most people work on their boats from sunrise to sundown – more than what would equate to a full-time job and they get up the next day and repeat all over again.

Even having just moved away from the convenience of land life – nice grocery stores with good plant-based options, stand-up refrigerators, houses that don’t leak, etc…we embrace boat yard life. It is pretty simple and intrinsically rewarding. When you spend 3 hours buffing your hull and someone says, “Wow, your boat is so shiny”…there are few things that compare and you know they understand the effort.

Here's a bird's eye view video of boat yard life.

We are lucky to have such a large space for fuel tanks and an inspection port.
El Burritos de Terrapin
"Just because we live on a boat doesn't mean I'm not in charge"
Deltaville's amazing sunsets
Fairing the keel
A selection of options in climbing aboard - using the scaffolding or the ladder - you pick.
View from the deck to the scaffolding. 

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Mary Wootton said...

Definitely not the life for everyone, but when you find your passion, fantastic!!!! I loved the video, so cool. Your drone flying is incredible. I spied a pool at the yard??? Not expected :) Got to see you two cuties on the back of you car and cute Kala keeping the boat in check. Miss you!! Keep up the awesome blogging!

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