Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Life In A Small Town

Deltaville, VA was established in 1642...over 374 years ago.  That is 144 years before there was anything resembling the United States.  When Deltaville was established, most people who lived here were citizens of England - there wasn't even a United Kingdom at that point.

And so it has been here with the same geography as it has now, with creeks that meander through deltas and rivers that stretch out like fingers from the bay westward connecting the Atlantic Ocean to almost 100 miles inland.

Patricia at Bay Canvas made our cockpit cushions and a few extra covers...her jack russells George and Posey are too cute.
Debby and Susan own Cafe By The Bay and always have "cookies" ready for Kala.
Hurds - Hurds is so awesome.  They offer great alternatives to the high prices at West Marine.  Mr. Hurd celebrated his 100th birthday on Sept 15 (also my birthday).  He was a fighter pilot in WWII, was shot down by the Japanese, came home and opened this store - and still works here.  Sam, Harriette's husband, is our go-to guy and always there with a "What can I do for you today?"
Ulman Sails (Jerry, Justin, John and Tiffany) made some really awesome sails for us and we can't wait to take pics of them flying on Terrapin. 
Scot at Ship's Tailor made a custom "curtain" for us in the cockpit.  It will help keep the crew warm and dry-er during those cold days in early November.

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