Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Coming Together

We took some time off from the regular scheduled program to run to Atlanta – which is a 9-hour drive from Deltaville.   Though it was too short, it was so good to catch up with Baxter’s parents.  They have been so great to Baxter and I during our travels and they are always the exceptional hosts.

I was also able to meet up with our friend Keri.  Keri joined Baxter and I in the BVI for New Year's in 2014.  She now lives in Arizona but happened to be in Atlanta on the same day that Baxter and I  were there.  Baxter had a busy schedule but  I had an extra hour that wasn't filled (how rare is that).  Keri and I talked about what she's been up to, what we've been up to and dates and places to meet up in the Caribbean.  I love talking about meeting in Antigua - or wait, should we meet in St Barth's??  Have you been to Barbados?  Maybe we should meet there.  Plan is in place and we can't wait to see her again.

Meanwhile, back in Deltaville, packages were received – including our furling motor.  Baxter and I arrived late Friday night and first thing Saturday morning we asked the few guys working on Saturday morning at Deltaville Boatyard to see if they could open the parts department and check to see if we had any new shipments.  There it was – wrapped so tight and cradled like the fragile package it is.  There were other packages too, but they were just distractions because if the furling motor doesn’t work, Terrapin will be spending the winter in Deltaville.  It took about 4 hours of connecting the motor and fishing out screws that fell down the mast.  We had a gusty wind of about 25 kts and spitting misty rain but we re-attached the furler and as the sun came out, I asked Baxter to do the honors of flipping the switch to see if it worked.  Not sure what we would do if it didn’t….but - it did!!  It worked!!...whew.  Now that is off the list, we will just sit back and relax for the next couple weeks - just kidding, of course.  We moved on with other projects - you didn't think that was the last thing on the list, did you?  Actually, I don't think sailors' lists ever end.  

Baxter installed an additional battery which will provide more amps (i.e. more lights and power supply while at anchor or on passages).  That, combined with our switching most lights to LEDs, should help with power usage.  After the battery, he routed the antennae cable for the SSB under the lazarette and through the lockers.
656 miles is nothing...we can do that before 5pm
On the road again...
Kala enjoying the luxury of a front door (vs. a lift on the ladder) in Atlanta
So pretty...as far as furling motors go
Celebrating the in-mast furling motor install!!
Moving on to the SSB install
To route the cable for the SSB, start at the transom (to the right in the picture) under the fuel tank (under Baxter) through the cabin to the nav station.
While we were in Atlanta, we picked up some toys including kite boards, paddle boards, and scuba gear



narduk said...

Woohooooo! Ive been waiting on pins and needles to hear about the furling motor. Cheers guys!

Mary Wootton said...

Great to see that smiling face!! :) Baxter is sure a handy son-of-a-gun. Nice toys!!

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