Friday, October 14, 2016


This week, the news around the U.S. is something about Donald Trump or Hillary but last week - last week was focused on Matthew.

Hurricane Matthew did a couple of head fakes in his run up the Atlantic and kept lots of people guessing.  He seemed like he was almost going to run right into Trinidad - where we have friends who go there to avoid hurricanes.  Then, he was going to keep moving west, when he decided to turn north.  Then...well, let's just say, he had a mind of his own and it kept changing on a daily basis.

It turns out he made it almost to Cape Hatteras, NC before turning east and moving out to sea.  Cape Hatteras is about 100 miles south of Deltaville as the crow flies, so we were right at the edge of his fury.

Living on a boat that is held up by jack stands - we were trying to make sure we understood how and when we would be caught by him, if at all.  Our conditions weren't bad considering the potential threat.  We would feel a nasty gust as the boat would vibrate and our mast would howl.  It was hard to get restful sleep but the rain actually helped us find leaks in the boat and gave us the opportunity to fix those leaks before we are on the passage and the boat is covered by salty sea water.

By Sunday morning, the sky was blue and the sun was shining.  The temperature was perfect and the wind was still....a nice example of nothing bad lasts forever and blue skies will return.

Obviously, I had nothing better at 1:56am then to take a picture of the radar on my phone.
These two goliaths were placed in front of us (Terrapin is between them on the left) - good wind protection; bad if they fall over.

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