Friday, March 28, 2014

Sunshine Daydream

I think everyone can relate to those times in life where you have days that challenge your physical endurance, stress your emotional bandwidth and test your interpersonal communication to a point that you just want to say "Uncle" and make it all go away.  Sailing is not any different.

And then…along comes a day that is ideal.  Yesterday was definitely one of those ideal days.  We had fifty-five miles of ocean on a close reach with 15-20 kts of wind, 4 ft seas, moving the boat along at an average of 7.5 kts.  Those were the conditions from Guadeloupe all the way into Falmouth Harbor in Antigua.

There's no need to describe it or taint the moment with too many words…we'll just lock it in our brain and always know its out there for the days when we need some encouragement.

Kala giving Terrapin a big hug!
The Navionics Chart showing our speed at 8.1 kts.  Staying east of our course so we can fall off as needed.  
A great sail from Guadeloupe.  Antigua in foreground (colors not photoshopped.)

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